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Why You Shouldn't Miss an Island Hopping In Langkawi?

Island Hopping Langkawi is the most popular boat tour in Langkawi. There are two sessions which start at 9.30am and 2.15pm. It covers three islands that include wonderful scenic islands to the south of the main island of Langkawi and eagle feeding where you can watch the marvelous spectacle of many eagles swooping down from the sky to catch their prey on the water.

Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Park is the main focus during the island hopping tour. You will be amazed with a scenic view landscape as you approach the jetty. As compared to Kilim Geoforest Park during mangrove tour, This Geo-park has its own attraction and famous with the largest fresh water lake.
You can hop on the boat and join the tour for just RM35 per person for sharing or if you are with a big families or groups, you might want to opt for a private boat. In addition, island hopping tour takes 3 to 4 hours to complete so you mustn’t miss this tour in your itinerary

” We headed around three islands of Langkawi with this trip. You begin by heading off a bustling jetty taking a boat to three different areas. Essentially you visit two islands and stay on the boat whilst eagles (and a few seagulls!) dive down into the sea. The freshwater lake is nice though obviously touristy, then the final coral island quite beautiful. A good price to do something that shows off the simple beauty of these islands here.”

Where does the boat for island hopping departs?

The boat for island hopping tour departs from Teluk Baru jetty which located 5 minutes away from Cenang and 30 Minutes from Kuah. The parking is quite limited due to the popularity of this tour attracts a lot of tourist. I would personally recommend to come with a provided pickup service or by any E-hailing services such as a Grab Car.

However, if you keen to drive to the jetty, you might park your vehicle on the road shoulder. Make sure your vehicle doesn’t interrupt the traffic flow. Don’t worry about your vehicle safety as i never heard anything bad happened to the vehicle in Langkawi.

There are a few counters available for an island hopping. However, If you are looking for a trusted with long years of experience operator, you can proceed to our counter. Look for the blue roof counter and meet our friendly person in-charge, Ms. Suria.

You will be given a sticker and put it on your shirt. This is how we recognize you and its easier to manage the group. If you join a sharing package, there are up to 16 persons for one boat. Once every persons are counted, you will be directed to the boat.

While on the boat, always listen to our boatmen to ensure the safety of everyone. Make sure to put on the life jackets as we are cruising trough the andaman sea. This is the speedboat and the ride is a bit bumpy but don’t worry its absolutely safe. You will enjoy the sea breeze as the boat travel to the first stop-over.


The first stop-over , Pregnant Maiden Island

Pregnant Maiden Island is a part of Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Park. This is the first stop-over and it takes about 20 minutes to reach this legendary island. As the boat approach the jetty, you will love the spectacle view and the calmness of this island. It always a good thing to experience the nature once in a while.
When you hop off the boat, make sure you know your boat number and if you are not sure, just ask the boatmen. This number will be call before the boat leaves the island so you can regroup with others. Time given on this island is 1 hour and don’t be late as the boat has a fixed schedule.
The pathway from the jetty to the main entrance is about 150 meters and this is where you can snap a good photos. You will be greet by a troop of monkeys and all they want are the food. So, keep the bag close to your chest and hide any food or water bottles in your bag. If they start grabbing your bag, just throw them some food you might have and they will turn away.
Outside the main entrance, there are a few stalls selling snacks if you are hungry. Its a bit expensive due to the logistic cost. The entrance fees to enter the island is RM6 for foreigner and RM3 for malaysian. This fees are collected to keep the island maintain and clean.
As you step out the entrance area, there are public toilets located just outside the building. This is the only toilet on the island. It takes 10 minutes walk to reach the famous mystical lake of Dayang Bunting (Pregnant Maiden Lake)
This is a wonderful scenic freshwater lake surrounded by mountains that are covered with dense forests. The lake was formed when a large underwater cave collapsed many years back. You will also see large limestone formations. 
Here you can indulge into several activities like swimming, solar paddle boating, kayaking, walk through the trail and explore the miracle border where the lake is separated from the sea. For paddle boat, kayak and life jacket you can rent it from the counter on the platform. For your own safety before you jump into the water, please wear the life jacket if you are not a good swimmer. This natural water lake is 10 meters-depth and no shallow area. 
The myth about this lake is if you have a problem to get pregnant, you need to take a dip in the water so you can improve the fertility. From the lake, you can see the island looks like a lady lying on her back and the belly bulging out like that of a pregnant woman. This is a strong belief among local people even till now.
I can understand if you get excited staying at the lake while enjoying the great view. But remember to look at the watch as the boat is waiting for you. This is fixed schedule boat, so be punctual. Once you reach at the jetty, look for your boat by the number as the boat looks almost similar. If you not sure, just ask for help.
Langkawi-mangrove-tour-eagle feeding

Eagle-Feeding at Singa Besar Island

Eagle feeding in Langkawi is a great activity you need to take when you are in a Langkawi Island Hopping. Feats start as the boat hover around while revving it’s motor. This is a way to ensure the chicken skin will properly be scattered around and eagles flying around will be able to grab the coasting chicken skin.

The reason the eagle is regularly around when they hear the revving watercraft motor is because, the fishermen frequently discard small fishes caught on their fishing nets that made for easier eagle picking.

If you are fortunate, there are hundreds of eagles waiting to be chased after and these will have hunting show to be displayed for the visitors. The Brown-winged Kingfisher or the Pelargopsis amauroptera, the Burung Pekaka Emas Bakau is the most highly anticipated bird within the mangrove in langkawi . Closely debilitated winged creature of Langkawi, Malaysia and Red Eagle or the Brahminy kite Red eagle is nowhere to be spotted except in Langkawi, Malaysia, Australia and Indonesia. This is one the reasons nature lovers need to come here and get a sight of The Red Eagle of Langkawi during their Island Hopping Langkawi.

Island hopping langkawi beras basah

White Sandy Beach of Beras Basah Island

This island is the last stop for the island hopping langkawi tour. The name literally means “Island of wet rice”. This is a picture perfect island with far reaching views of the sea and wonderful soft white sands. It’s a great place for the beach lovers and swimmers. There is a stall that offers banana boating, jet skis, Parasailing and also beer and some snacks. 

If you love snorkeling, you can rent a snorkeling gear from the kiosk on the island. It going to cost RM15 per set. However, don’t expect too much when you snorkeling here as compare to Pulau Payar SnorkelingSometimes due to the passing boats, the water gets murky and the water visibility could drop to a meter or so. This is when snorkeling won’t be ideal.

 The island is an excellent place to relax. You will get about one hour here. So after a tiring day under the scorching sun, if you just want to lounge and relax, find one of the many shady trees and enjoy the views as the gentle breeze flows. Otherwise, take a stroll along the old pier at the island. 
I would suggest that you bring your own food and beach blanket if you plan to do a picnic here. Note that there are plenty of monkeys around who will be constantly targeting your food. So be careful and do not go near them or instigate them in any way. The monkeys often pull the rubbish out of the beans and make the area quite dirty. Due to heavy tourist flow, the island and the beach can get quite crowded at times. 
After about an hour at Pulau Beras Basah, you will head back to the Teluk Baru Jetty and then back to your hotel. 
Langkawi-mangrove-tour-private beach

Private tour or sharing tour? Which one works best?

For a sharing package, the tour is going to cost you RM35 per person. While for a private tour, the rate is RM300 for a 10 seater boat.

Free hotel transfer in Cenang Beach area offered but if you are staying outside cenang, extra charge applied depends on the vehicle type.

Is it safe for elderly, pregnant ladies and babies?

It is safe for elderly and babies even though the ride is bumpy due to travelling on the andaman sea. For a pregnant ladies, i would not recommend to join this activity.

You are advise to join a private tour so you can have a more flexibility during the tour. If you need help, just spoke to the boatmen.

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